Swim Fins

Swim accessories – what are they, why are they useful and which ones are any good? First up…Swim Fins



Although fun, we’re not talking about the super long scuba diving ones – in the pool we use short style fins – they’re less cumbersome, and more accurately replicate the movement without.


Yes, swim fins can make you go fast and make a fun addition to speed work, but they also help ease pressure on your shoulders, and provide stability when you are doing swim drills – Basically the fins help support you and you don’t have to worry about your kick, and that means you can focus on other areas of the stroke.

For example, we love using them when focusing on front crawl arm technique and rotation. Equally, after you’ve been wearing fins the contrast with swimming without helps develop ‘feel for the water’.


Sizing? Same as your shoe size?

L and R? Generally L and R isn’t specified.


WSC top 3 fins:

Our WSC swimmers are loving:

Maru Swim Fins £24.00

Zoggs Swim Fins £29.00

Speedo Swim Fins £29.00

Please note, this review contains affiliate marketing links, meaning if you click through from our website and make a purchase the WSC may receive a small payment, which will contribute towards our work to get women swimming, including operational costs. You can read more info about that here.

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