Kit Reviews

The WSC is on a mission to find the best swimwear and training accessories for women.

We all know that buying a swimming costume can be a bit of a nightmare. So what’s the best costume for slim hips and athletic shoulders? Big boobs? Tall? Short? Curves? A Long Body? Ocean swimming? The Pool or Fresh Water?

It’s definitely not one size fits all and there are literally thousands of costumes to choose from. The WSC is here to help with reviews, insights and practical advice from across our network. And if you’ve got products you rate and would like other women to know about, please get in touch at

Affiliate marketing and commissions

Some times the WSC reviews will contain affiliate marketing links and we’ll say when they do) – what does that mean? When you click on a link to a product and it leads to a  purchase, the WSC may receive a small payment. What will we do with that payment? We’ll put the net profits towards supporting our work, including start up costs of being a small social enterprise. You can read more about our purpose and our history and aims via these links.

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