It’s good to talk. Leading UK open water marathon swimmer Alice Dearing and the swim wear brand SOUL CAP are inviting swimmers to share their (positive and negative) experiences as part of a campaign to challenge stereotypes surrounding the black community in the world of swimming: #BlackGirlsDontSwim. The discussion is part of a wider strategy to help open up the sport and create opportunities for talented athletes from every background.

The campaign launched with this powerful short film and they want you to join the discussion, too. “Being a minority in the water has had its challenges,” said Dearing. “But I’ve always believed that there’s a way around them. With your videos and personal experiences, shared through the hashtag #BlackGirlsDontSwim, we’re turning this stereotype upside-down – to show people that black girls can and do swim.”

To share your own personal swimming story search Instagram with the hashtag #BlackGirlsDontSwim, or visit the SOUL CAP Instagram page @soulcapofficial.

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